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‘When I felt the enthusiasm, I knew I wanted to be part of this scale up’

Fakhreddine (30) originally comes from Tunisia. After getting a software engineering degree he started his professional career as a full stack developer. For a while he combined working as a developer with being a professor, passing on some of his knowledge. In 2018 a job opportunity brought him to The Netherlands. Three years later he joined the Presspage team. On his birthday. That’s two reasons to celebrate!

‘To be honest, before a recruiter called me and told me about Presspage I didn’t know the first thing about corporate communication and the platforms used for that. But that changed quickly. During the hiring and onboarding process, I talked to a lot of people, the hiring manager, the CTO, the CPO (one of the founders of Press Page), the team lead and CEO Jan Willem. I felt the enthusiasm and the confidence in the potential of Presspage, so I said yes! I want to be part of this scale up.’

To grow is to learn

‘Presspage is a communications workflow platform that manages our clients’ external communications process. As a full stack developer, I work on the platform team that builds and improves features of the platform. Because we are growing the platform needs to be scalable and efficient in handling a large number of requests coming from the increasing number of clients. It’s part of my job to make sure our clients have the best user experience, and our up time is as close to 100% as possible.

Since we work with innovative technology, I'm learning new things every day. Our strategy is to create and use best practices. We do a lot of testing. We review each other’s work to assure that it’s working as planned, before it goes live. That creates an environment where you are encouraged to try your ideas and make mistakes. This makes it possible to leave a lasting impact on a product that our customers can directly enjoy

Working like that really allows me to grow as a full stack developer. That is really important to me, as I want to continue learning. I get to learn and grow every day, and help my colleagues do the same. I’m also very passionate about contributing to the growth of the company. We are very close to being the go-to product for corporate communication. It’s a goal we all share here at Presspage.’

Open culture

‘The platform team is growing. When I started eight months ago, we were five in our team of developers. At this moment we are eight and looking for new team members.

Ideally a new team member is an ‘open’ person, a social person that is also open to some constructive feedback. If, for example, you wrote some code and after reviewing it another team member thinks it can be done in a way that is better and more secure for our clients, it’s good to be open to the suggestion. Because we strive for the best result. Being helpful is another characteristic that is a big plus. We rely on each other regularly to figure out a solution to a problem. 

Even when we are working remotely, we keep in touch, helping each other, cracking jokes through the Slack channel and online meetings. We meet once a week with the team and once every three months with the whole company. Most of the time quarterly meetings and team meetings involve dinner and drinks.

It's really a flat organization. Anytime you’re working in our office, the person at the desk next to you can be the CEO, the CTO, the sales manager, anyone. And every month we have a meeting about what we have done. How is the company doing? Did we achieve the goals we set? How many new clients did we bring in? It’s completely transparent. To me, there’s no better way to prove that we’re in this together.’

Fakhreddine - Full Stack Developer