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We can be HIRO's (everyday) At Presspage we're helpful, innovative, reliable, and open. But what does that mean?

Imagine starting as a CEO during a pandemic. How do you get to know your team and how do they get to know you when everyone is working from home? Jan Willem visited his new team members personally with a goodie bag. Touchdown! After years of working at various – mainly American – tech companies, he became CEO of Presspage in 2020. Using the same focus and drive to achieve goals that fueled the growth of his previous employers, he aims to make Presspage a leading brand in PR tools. How? Team spirit and a ‘growth mindset’.

‘It’s an audacious goal, absolutely, but I am convinced we will achieve it. We have the right mentality: 'we're in it together'. I love that buzz, when everyone knows what is needed, what your role is in the big picture and how you can help others shine. That team spirit is really powerful and something I enjoy very much.’

Growth mindset

We are all here to make our service better, win exciting new clients and give people a great career by letting them discover and experience new things. That requires trust, focus and a ‘growth mindset’. Trust gives everyone the freedom to do things in a way that you think is best to deliver the best result. Focus makes sure our objectives are clear. And a ‘growth mindset’ is needed to reach the next level.

With a scale-up, new challenges occur every day. That is why we are building a team that is ready for the next level. Bringing in an ideal customer at the next level also requires skills – hard and soft – that help us rise to the challenge. That requires constant building. It’s really a full team effort.

One of Presspage’s charms is that it truly is a flat organization. Of course, when difficult decisions need to be made, it’s clear that I am the go-to guy. But we are all working on this together. There’s no corner office, no distant management. In fact, I could be sitting right next to you in our office space any given day.’

Work from everywhere

‘Our new office is, most of all, our ‘creative collaboration space’. I don’t see the point in being in an office from 9 to 5 each day. At Presspage you can choose when you want to come into the office and when you want to work from home. It’s a simple question of trust and common sense, really. If, say, you have a big sales deal that you want input for, it’s probably best to come to the office. But if you need to get a job done and you can focus better at home, go for it! 

Part of our team is based in Chicago, so we are comfortable with remote teamwork. Generally, everyone comes to the office once a week. And what’s better for team spirit than meeting your colleagues, exchanging ideas, and getting drinks together afterwards? For me, it’s all part of being on this mission together.’

Customer success first

‘How everyone at Presspage adds to the team, in terms of knowledge, skills and personality is very diverse, but the thing we all have in common is the focus on our customers’ success. We work for great brands. Helping them to better reach their audience and strengthen their brand is what it’s all about for us.

Every day, we strive to provide the best possible solution for our customers. We are devoted to making sure that they are 100% satisfied. That means on the one hand that you’re always looking to make our platform more pleasant and easier to use and on the other hand that you offer fast, solid solutions and do what we promise. If you see yourself in that concept, then you will really be part of something special here.’