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The reasons I've been here for 5 years now, are the exact reasons why it's great to work at PressPage. We have a very cool product. We work in a niche that’s full of opportunities, both personally and professionally. And we work with very big names. You get a glimpse of the communication strategy of large corporations. For me that’s a bonus. In addition, being part of a scale up makes things even more exciting

Robin - Customer Success Lead

Since we work with innovative technology, I'm learning new things every day. Our strategy is to create and use best practices. We do a lot of testing. We review each other’s work to assure that it’s working as planned, before it goes live. That creates an environment where you are encouraged to try your ideas and make mistakes. This makes it possible to leave a lasting impact on a product that our customers can directly enjoy

Fakhreddine - Full Stack Developer

We are all here to make our service better, win exciting new clients and give people a great career by letting them discover and experience new things. That requires trust, focus and a ‘growth mindset’. Trust gives everyone the freedom to do things in a way that you think is best to deliver the best result. Focus makes sure our objectives are clear. And a ‘growth mindset’ is needed to reach the next level.

Jan-Willem - CEO